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About Us

cochrane 001.JPG: The fantastic volunteers at the Cochrane Food Bank accept a donation from Food Banks Alberta to help with their flood assistanceThe fantastic volunteers at the Cochrane Food Bank accept a donation from Food Banks Alberta to help with their flood assistance program.



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Many thanks to our friends in Airdrie who made a generous donation to help food banks that were flooded.  You are awesome!


Welcome to Food Banks Alberta. We are comprised of a dedicated group of individuals from various Food Banks who desire a regionally based organization. Collectively we are better able respond to the challenges faced by Food Banks in Southern and Central Alberta.

Thank you for visiting our site and please support your local Food Bank where volunteers, funding and food are always in demand.

Mission Statement
Dedicated to representing and providing support to Food Banks through leadership, direction and sharing information and resources.


Vision Statement
A collective approach to build capacity so that members may alleviate hunger and food insecurity in their communities.


We share our resources and information.  We conduct our affairs with integrity, honesty and transparency while honoring required confidentiality.   We seek and respect the valued opinions of members.   We are an inclusive organization.


Our History

The history of the Southern & Central Alberta Food Bank Federation is a fairly short one. It had its start with the first meetings of the Red Deer Distribution Network in 2001. Those food banks joined together to share information and resources with each other. They tried to fill a void that needed filling, that being information and association. Smaller food banks felt very alone, each wondering how other food banks were doing. Limited resources kept many from involvement in the provincial association. By meeting regionally, they found that much information could be shared. Smaller centers became better informed as to what was taking place in other areas. Most of the discussions centered around supplies, how to get them, increasing demand and how to deal with it. These food banks than decided to meet in Red Deer every 4 or 5 months to keep up with events and to share insights and resources.

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